About Me

First, I am a child of God, a wife and a mother. I have three children ranging from 10 to 17 years old and they are a joy to raise!

I have a wide-range of teaching experience.  Many years ago I owned a preschool and was a teacher for 4 and 5 year olds. After selling the preschool, I taught fifth grade at a charter school.  For the last five years, I have taught in a public school in the community in which I live. Within those five years, I taught fifth and sixth grade. 

This year, I was promoted to principal of an elementary school and I am the High Ability Coordinator and Co-Curriculum Director for my school corporation. When I took this new position, I feared I would be out of touch with the classroom and miss my students. What I quickly learned was, now I have an even greater understanding of teaching and learning. Plus, now I don't just have one class of students, I have a whole building! 

I am excited to share the tales of teaching and learning my new positions allow me to experience. 

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