Sunday, July 31, 2016

Growth Mindset Brag Tags

How are these Brag Tags different? 
Most Brag Tags are giving the wrong kind of praise. To help foster a growth mindset in students we have to change the way we praise students. Instead of “Smart Cookie”, “Top Dog” or “Star Student” we need to reward actions that lead to a growth mindset. These 35 Growth Mindset Brag Tags do exactly that! 

The following brag tags are included in the Growth Mindset Brag Tags set
- You Have Stamina
- Great Thinking
- Embraced Challenge 
- Great Strategy
- Thinking Outside of the Box
- Kept Trying
- Grew Your Brain
- Learned from Others
- Learned from your Mistake
- On the Right Track 
- Personal Best
- Hard Worker 
- You Took Your Time
- Great Effort
- Positive Thinking
- Unique Idea
- Stuck with It
- You are a Leader
- Kept it up
- You are a Role Model
- Always Helpful
- Great Listener
- Super Thinker
- 100% Commitment
- You Figured It Out
- Mathematician in the Making
- Scientist in the Making
- Author in the Making
- Historian in the Making
- Artist in the Making
- Athlete in the Making
- Musician in the Making 

The goal is for your students to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, learn from criticism and understand that mistakes are okay, and often necessary to be successful.

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