Monday, December 14, 2015

Middle School Math Monday - Math Practice Standard 3

Students will critique the reasoning of others on standardized assessments. Do you want the first time they do this to be on the “big test”? Of course not!

You DO NOT need to spend hours developing problems for them to critique. Instead, use the students’ actual answers. Here is an easy way to do this.

Give your students a problem. Have the students do the work on a dry-erase board, or index card. Instruct them to show all of their work.

While they are working, walk around the room. Note which answer you want the students to critique. You may choose a student’s board with a wrong answer or correct answer. It doesn’t matter as long as you practice with both wrong and right answers as the year progresses. 

When the time is up, share the work you want the students to critique with the entire class. Have them get out a piece of paper and write if the student’s answer is correct and then explain why or why not. After they are finished, have them share their reasoning with a partner. Then you can discuss with the group.

If you do this every single day, then your students will have practiced critiquing other’s work 180 times. Now, tell me they will not succeed on standardized tests with that much practice!

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