Friday, May 15, 2015

What a Class Trip Taught Me

For the past two days, I have been with the fifth and sixth grade classes in Cincinnati. We visited the Newport Aquarium, The Science and History Museum and the Cincinnati Zoo. Here are my big take-aways from watching one student closely through the entire trip:

  1. As a principal, I have to ask what standards are being assessed with each field trip. Although this is important, sometimes we have to consider that students need more than standards. The student had many firsts on his trip (escalators, sit down restaurants, aquariums, museums, zoos, staying in a hotel...). When students don't have these experiences, they often do not have enough schema to answer those questions we see in our textbooks and on standardized assessments.   
  2. The student doesn't sit still easily and doesn't retain things well. However, after visiting the museum and aquarium, he spent two days telling me about everything he had learned. It was the hands-on activities and authentic tasks that engaged him. We all know that when a student is interested, he is more likely to learn. 
So, I will keep checking for standards when I approve field trips, but I will always keep these take-aways in mind. 

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  1. Hi Lisa! I LOVE this post! I'm a 6th grade teacher and we take our kids on an overnight field trip to The Boston Museum of Science (about 2 hours from our school), and while of course some standards are addressed through the trip, there are so many real world experiences that our kiddos get as well- it's invaluable. Great post :)